For Developers

According to years of knowledge of real estate market in Prague 6 I can offer cooperation in development projects in this area:
loft apartments, reconstruction of old apartments, renovation and selling off tenements, construction of new residential buildings and houses, sale of lands.
Please contact me in case of interest in cooperation via email. Details of cooperation are always negotiated individually.


I can offer following services for developers:
• Detailed assessment of a development plan
• Market research in relation to the plan and location
• Identification of target groups
• Advice on the creation of the portfolio units at the newly built real estate
• Advice on change / renovation of existing properties
• The provision of project documentation and related services
• Funding for developers

• Visualization of the project
• Project website
• Marketing, advertising, cooperation with other brokers
• Complete legal services
• Mortgage services for buyers
• Continuous evaluation and changes, special offers etc.
• Cooperation in sale of completed development projects

References - cooperation in the sale of development projects:
• Apartment house Bolívarova
• Apartment house Za sokolovnou
• Apartment house V Podbabě
• Apartments Podbaba
• Apartments Matějská
• Attic apartments Lotyšská