Biserka Vondrušková, buyer
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Robert Frolík for his professionalism, willingness and maximum effort to satisfy both parties in the sale of real estate. He is a great professional, but also a great person. I never met such a personal touch. His willingness, unique professionalism, patience and fully human friendly approach throughout our process of apartment tours was quite exemplary.

Jana Cihlová, property owner
I recommend Mr Frolík, a real estate agent, for mediation of rent and purchase/sale of real estate as an expert in the field of real estate. A professional approach to the customer, as well as behaviour in business negotiations. Assistance by professional advice and consultations in the event of irregularities with tenants and for the duration of the property rental. Mr Frolík is responsible, reliable, technically competent and communicative real estate agent who will help you mediate your real estate business.

Jiří Ornest, actor, property owner
Dear Mr Frolík, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care and willingness that you gave me and which I do not hesitate to describe as almost family. Personal approach is exactly what I miss in most contacts between citizens and institutions of all kinds. With you, I got full measure of it. Thanks again! Obviously I will recommend you with a clear conscience to all my friends and acquaintances.

Daniela Drtilová, tenant
A great fast arrangement, we met on the same day I first contacted him. I really liked that he has a longer-term relationship with the owners, he rents more of their apartments, which looks very legit. Nicely dressed, timely and personable. At the end we had a very pleasant talk. I can highly recommend Mr Frolík to cooperation.

Kristina Buriánková, tenant
With an absolutely clear conscience I can recommend to anyone any real estate business with Mr Robert Frolík. I rented a detached house through him and I was so pleasantly surprised how it didn’t happen with other real estate agents for a long time. Everything worked, as we agreed on, Mr Frolík dealt with everything immediately. I recommend Mr Frolík as the only one to my acquaintances, friends, family and now also in this way. Additionally, thanks once again!

Jiří Knot, actor, property owner
As a property owner I appreciate not only the tenacity and success in finding tenants, but also other abilities of Mr Frolík who is not only a conscientious and experienced real estate agent, but in one person also a builder who can advice you knowledgeably on modifications and renovations of rental space for your own intended purpose. His sensitive cooperation in tuning of the wording of the agreement is also invaluable in order that it complies with applicable regulations and specific contracting parties and eliminates any future confusion or inconvenience. Professional respectability and humanely responsive approach to customers turn a business meeting into a nice social event.

Edward Carr, British Chambers of Commerce
According to the survey of professionalism and expertise, we would like to include your profile into the Commercial guide of Central and Eastern Europe. It includes such companies and entrepreneurs that are models for the others by their authority in the market and you are definitely one of them!

Lenka Vítová, buyer
Dear Mr Frolík, I would hereby like to thank you for arranging the purchase of our new apartment. Thank you for your professionalism, for your care and willingness that you gave me throughout the handling. It was not an easy sell, but everything went well and we live for the second week now.

Haig Utidjian, orchestra conductor, buyer
Dear Mr Frolík, I am pleased to get this opportunity to thank you for your kind cooperation with us. We liked your professional and discreet approach very much. Unfortunately, many Czech (and, of course, not only Czech) agents behave in a way that does not create great confidence. The more refreshing and pleasant it was to deal with you, because it was clear that you do not give wrong information, you don’t obfuscate, when you don’t know the answer to a specific question, but you make steps to find the information securely, and you allow people to make the decision themselves. You have never tried to create unpleasant pressure and behaved in a decent and very gentlemanly manner. This is really unusual and inspires a respect and good will. If this modest comment supports just a little professional activities of your company, it will make us very happy. Meanwhile we thank you very much, wish you more success and look forward to further cooperation.




Luxusní vila, Praha 6

Luxury villa, Prague 6
33.000.000 CZK
Rezidenční byt 360 m2, Praha 6

Luxury apartment 360 m2, Prague 6
15.000.000 CZK
Historický dům, Praha 1

Historical house, Prague 1
19.900.000 CZK
Podkrovní byt 220 m2, Praha 1

Attic apartment 220 m2, Prague 1
11.000.000 CZK
Byt 100 m2 s garážovým stáním, Praha 6

Apartment 100 m2, Prague 6
23.000 CZK/month
Rodinný dům, Praha 4

Apartment 100 m2, Prague 6
23.000 CZK/month
Komerční prostor, Praha 6

Commercial space, Prague 6
26.000 CZK/month
Skladová hala s kancelářemi, Praha 6

Warehouse area, Prague 6
30.000.000 CZK


Alena a Jaroslav Klempířovi
- Czech geographers and polar experts in Greenland
Embassy of Egypt
Embassy of Hungary
Embassy of Tunisia
Embassy of Ukraine
Asiana, s.r.o.
Barrandov ateliers Hostivař
BenzinProjekt, s.r.o.
BV Dejvice, a.s.
Central Europe Holding, a.s
Dermacol, a.s.
Ekospol, a.s.
Haig Utidjian - orchestra conductor
Hauser, s.r.o.
HDS Retail Czech Republic, a.s.
Industrial and logistic agency
Ing. Pavel Bechný - embassy counsellor
Jiří Knot - actor
Jiří Ornest and Daniela Kolářová - actors
Jiří Payne - Member of Parliament
Jitka Smutná - actress
Kancelářské centrum Popelák
Karlheinz Kühlmann
Kateřina Macháčková - actress


Keratech, a.s.
LAAX Development, a.s.
Lafarge Cement, a.s.
Letecké přístroje Praha, s.r.o.
Lordship, a.s.
Marie Spurná - actress
Messenger, a.s.
MUDr. Karel Cvachovec - senior consultant FN Motol
ORCO Property Group S.A.
Palác YMCA, s.r.o.
Panasonic, a.s.
Poštovní tiskárna cenin Praha, a.s.
Pražská správa nemovitostí, a.s.
Prestige Holdings, s.r.o.
Pavel Telička - chief negotiator for the Czech Republic to the EU
Sinkulova, a.s.
Stavby silnic a železnic, a.s.
Stimbuilding, a.s.
Technoexport, a.s.
Unistav, a.s.
UTAX Bürosysteme, s.r.o.
Zuzana Onufráková - actress

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