Who is

Robert Frolík

Who is ... Robert Frolík?

He was born in May 1977. After his studies (specialization in building construction and architecture), he worked as a project designer for several years. He has his share of work on the reconstruction of the Headquarters of the Czech National Bank in Prague 1, Na Příkopě 28, among other things. Since 1999, he pursues the activities of a real estate agent. At first, as a partner in an association of individuals, than as a partner and managing director of an Limited company since 2004 and as an independent real estate agent and owner of Limited company since 2012.

Right from the beginning, he based his business on the maximum of professionalism, trust and personal approach. The way he works always distinguished he from the usual real estate agencies. Over the years he drew and reflected in his work not only his knowledge of the real estate market, but also his knowledge of constructions, architecture, law, advertising and other areas of knowledge. It all helps him to provide premium services. He can advise his clients on buying, selling and renting real estates as well as on the reconstruction, arrangement and selection of a suitable tenant or buyer. He listen to his clients and treat them as my friends. He never puts fast and high gain of commission over his clients’ interests to sell, rent or buy well. His reward is then their confidence and often long-term relationships and even friendships. And he appreciates these values in his business the most. The recommendation is the best advertising for him!

During the first ten years in the real estate business he worked as an ordinary agent, team manager, company owner and he came to the conclusion that the best way is independence. In today’s global world, full of impersonal, unified and megalomaniac companies, he increasingly feels the desire of clients to return to a personal and individual approach, which most of us always appreciate. So he decided to work alone again as an independent real estate agent. As an entrepreneur, who you know about, that you always deal with him personally, that you always get the same service like years ago and that he will devote himself to you, because every client is important to him!

Gradually he gained a good name among clients and other real estate agents. He always tried to contribute with his work to improve the Czech real estate market, which is unfortunately still without any rules. He stood at birth of several entities such as the Union of real estate agencies which aimed to establish fair trade, ensure better laws and education for work as a real estate agent. He has given several interviews to televisions and radios, written various articles on housing and real estate market.

Currently he works as private real estate broker for a group of owners. He manages their properties - lease, sell, buy, ingeneering works and reconstructions, legal services, investment advices and other services according to their actual needs. His working time divides between work as the broker and the profession of firefighter, leisure time devots his wife and two children.

He works in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. (and subsequent amendments) On the protection of personal data and in accordance with Acts No. 253/2008 Coll. and 254/2008 Coll. Some precautions against money laundering and terrorist financing. He has signed the Liability insurance for entrepreneur damage in the amount of CZK 5,000,000.

His business details:
Robert Frolík, 
Národní obrany 589/10, 160 00 Praha 6, IČO: 66498473, DIČ: CZ7705040662, VAT payer, data box: 6hbs4s3, use personal electronic signature
Reality FROLÍK, s.r.o., Národní obrany 589/10, 160 00 Praha 6, IČO: 04557191, DIČ: CZ04557191, VAT payer, data box: 9d6bxg6, use personal electronic signature

Throughout his business he dwells and lives in Prague 6 – Bubeneč.
He consider Bubeneč one of the best parts of Prague, both from a personal as well as professional perspective. Architecturally well apportioned and human friendly environment full of greenery, small shops, services, entertainment and relaxation. Friendly neighbourly relations, busy during the week and quiet weekends when you can feel here like in the countryside. Well maintained and further improved streets, excellent infrastructure. All this makes this part of Prague 6 a great place to live.